This site gives information about Argentine tango events, milongas and classes in and around Nottingham, UK.  This includes a monthly milonga held in Nottingham often on the fourth Sunday of the month but this varies according to availability of artists involved. It is run by Lisa Cherry-Downes - with a little help from  her friends.


Lisa is also usually the DJ and her music  preference is mostly traditional tangos, vals and milonga  played in tandas with cortinas.  There may be a little neo tango, tango nuevo or alt tango - it depends who comes along and what they like to dance to. Guest DJs are used occasionally and sometimes alt nights are held for people who like to dance to non traditional music.


The venue for this is usually  Bramcote Memorial Hall (see venues page) but I use a variety of venues in the area depending on the type of event.


The milonga attracts dancers from Yorkshire, the West Midlands, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Shropshire, Staffordhsire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire and sometimes even further afield, as well as local people. The events sometimes feature workshops or a pre-milonga class with a visiting teacher or live music.  


The tango classes are run in conjunction with Oxford Tango Academy which is run by Dante  Culcuy and Miriam Orcutt. They supply the teachers who are all high quality professional dancers usually from Argentina who stay for up to six month at a time.

Comments about the milongas


"We all had a great time at your milonga, full of warmth and incredible hospitality from yourself and all your friends. A very special evening for us." Alexandra Wood.


"We spent a beautiful friendly night at Fritango as well, thanks for your invitation and the welcome of your tangueros friends." Santiago Monticelli


"We all had a wonderful time at your milonga, what an inspiring atmosphere." Maria Maragaki.


"I had a great time last night thank you for the invitation. Such a nice group of people to teach. " Bill Newby.


"You put in so much effort and create a beautiful milonga space. Your tlc for tango shines through." Rosanna Ottewell.


"Thanks Lisa you create just the right atmosphere for us all to have a wonderful evening." Bob Murray.


A big thank you from Ann and me for your support. Big thanks to Lisa for the hours of work you put in setting up all the lights, tables, chairs, baking cakes and for the great music. It was truly a beautiful night. - Bill Froud


"A lovely evening." Agi Banas


"Great night Lisa."  Paul Ashburner


"Every night at the 'Secret Tango' is a lovely night. " Alan Biberstein.


"Thank you for all your hard work in organising such lovely evening," Maggie Sweeney.


"Thank you Lisa that was a really Mayvelous Milonga! Well done Lisa, another brilliant Milonga. The Chilli was a great idea and the music was superb." Graeme Cooke.


"What a stonking great night." Clive Wilkins


"What an amazing night of tango at Nottingham last night! S'truth, Well done to all involved in the Nottingham Tango scene." Leicester Tango-Milonga.


"Really good night. Glad I ventured north." Glenn Barrowman.


"Good evening Lisa, lovely dances and great to meet you at last." Peter Spalton.


"Brilliant evening!! Thank you and well done!!" Janet McGoldrick


"Thank you for a lovely evening. Looking forward to the next one." Anke White


"Many thanks for a great night Lisa. We were so impressed with the way you managed to transform that cold, inhospitable room into something magical. Nice group of people, great music and a superb dance floop. What more could you ask for!" Martin Wilkinson


"Thanks for organising a great Milonga last night. Such a friendly environment! We had a great night and the 2 hours drive was well worth it." Eve Williamson.


For more information or to join the L Tango mailing list, email [email protected] or call Lisa Cherry-Downes on 07530549570.

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